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B07 | HONEY | RainbowComplete

B07 | HONEY | RainbowComplete

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B07 | HONEY (2 lenses pack)

Size: BC 8.6 / Dia 14.0mm

Honey decorative contact lenses, featuring a three-tone Fresh Look color design, offer a warm and natural option for individuals wanting to alter their eye color without requiring vision correction. These nonprescription, or plano, lenses are designed solely for cosmetic purposes and do not have any corrective power.

The three-tone Fresh Look design of the Honey lenses adds depth and realism to the color transformation. This design typically includes a darker outer ring that enhances and defines the iris, a primary honey-brown color that makes up the base of the lens, and a lighter or different tone near the center of the lens to emulate the natural gradation of color found in the human eye.

The main honey-brown color can range from a rich, warm caramel to a lighter, golden shade, capturing the varied hues of natural honey. The third tone, typically a lighter brown or a hint of amber or gold, creates a realistic, multi-dimensional look. This can subtly or dramatically change your natural eye color, depending on your preference.


  • Base Curve: BC8.6
  • Diameter: Dia 14.0mm
  • LENS TYPE: Monthly replacement Daily care soft colored contact lenses
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: 2 color contact lenses with lens case
  • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: 62% Polymacon
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